The Department of English at Northwest Nazarene University offers you the opportunity to experience representative American, British, and world literature; to discover and develop an appreciation of ideas and values; to cultivate critical thinking; and to develop an expanding appreciation of the English language and its operation while strengthening your writing skills and earning your English degree. We develop life-long learners with a deep appreciation for the written word by providing the students in our department with meaningful interactions with some of the world's best writers.

Potential Career Paths

  • Author
  • Editor
  • Corporate Content Developer
  • High School Teacher
  • Journalist


We believe that those who choose to pursue an English degree at Northwest Nazarene University, as well as the general education students, will be able to think critically, express themselves clearly, research successfully, and develop an appreciation for the medium of language through a variety of writing experiences (Academic Excellence). English degree students will read and discuss masterpieces of Western and World literature, emphasizing focusing on how the works relate to the world in which they were created and how they relate to the reader and world today (Creative Engagement & Social Responsiveness). The students will have a concrete knowledge of authors and their literary works, an understanding of the author and work's place in the culture from which they arose and in the literary world as a whole (Creative Engagement & Social Responsiveness). The students will make application from their knowledge base of literature and to accept its revelatory values about life, while finding its points of application within the Christian and secular communities (Christlike Character).