2017 Bertha Dooley Writing Competition

Published on Jan 24, 2017.
Each year NNU’s Department of Language, Literature, and Cultural Studies sponsors a writing competition in which students have the opportunity to have their writing published in The Gallery. In the past the competition was extended only to the NNU community, but this year the invitation to submit writing has been extended to Nazarene universities around the globe.
Along with publication, exceptional pieces may be awarded the monetary Bertha Dooley Prize. This year’s prizes include $45 to first place winners and $15 to the runner-ups of the four writing categories: poetry, short stories, essays, and comics.
Poetry. Each participant can submit up to 3 poems of any length.
Short stories. Participants can submit 2 short stories of any length, up to 3,000 words.
Essays. Two submissions of 500-1500 word essays will be accepted from each participant.
Comics. Participants can submit up to three comics. Keep in mind the final dimensions of each page will be 8x10 inches.
To submit poems, short stories, or essays in the competition, a hard copy needs to be submitted to the English Department, Wiley Room 202. The entries should be paper-clipped to an index card containing student ID number with no other identification on card or entries. To submit comics, send a digital file to
Additionally, the department is seeking illustrations and photographs for the journal. This is not part of the competition; however, the artist will receive $5 compensation if her/his work is used in the publication. Please send jpeg submission to  
All entries need to be submitted by February 27.
We look forward to reading your submissions!