Cultural Studies

NNU's cultural studies program will help you learn to have effective intercultural communication through the study of people and systems. Cultural studies emphasizes cross-cultural understanding, inter-cultural communication and bridging cultural gaps through dialogue and critical self-reflection. Some of the subjects that will be covered as you seek to understand other cultures are the social, political, religious and economic practices of a culture or society

Potential Career Paths

  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Peace Corps
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • International Aid Organizations
  • Non-Governmental Aid Organizations
  • Missions
  • Museum Curators

Cultural Immersion Experience for Major Students

Students majoring in Cultural Studies who have not lived in a cross-cultural setting different from their own culture(s) are required to study in such a setting for an extended period of time. Examples of acceptable experiences are a college-level summer school session or academic-year program at an international school recognized by Northwest Nazarene University. Approved Off-Campus (OC prefix) courses or approved transfer courses from travel-study programs may be substituted for courses listed in the categories above. Prior approval of a travel-study program must be obtained from the chair of the department.