Bachelor of Arts, Cultural Studies - The Cultural Studies major at NNU provides students with a broad, functional understanding of inter-cultural communication and the comparative study of culture. The discipline of Cultural Studies has evolved out of literary and critical theory, and the Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies at NNU is distinctive in its emphasis of cross-cultural understanding, inter-cultural communication, and bridging cultural gaps through dialogue and critical self-reflection. The Cultural Studies major at NNU draws on other departmental areas of expertise to meet our learning objectives. Specifically, cultural studies majors acquire knowledge of inter- and intra-personal processes, statistics, and research design through psychology. Optional Spanish and Mandarin language study, cross-cultural field experiences locally and abroad, and exposure to Chinese, Spanish and Latin American and other cultures also provide students with opportunities for applied study and research.

In addition to their learning of important theoretical framework and approaches in cultural studies, major students will acquire a number of practical, inter-cultural skills. Students will gain cultural competence in part through their understanding of social, political, religious, economic, and other cultural texts.