Bachelor of Arts, Chinese Studies - The major in Chinese Studies at NNU provides students an opportunity to enroll in foundational courses in Mandarin and Chinese culture at NNU and then continue advanced study of language and culture in China or at other universities with accredited programs in Chinese Studies. Courses in Mandarin and Chinese Culture are taught through NNU’s Confucius Institute, a partnership between NNU, Northwest University in Xi’an, China, and China’s Hanban Institute. Faculty members in the Chinese Studies Program are heritage speakers from Northwest University, and students in the program have the opportunity to study at Northwest or other universities in China. Students in Chinese Studies will learn increasingly complex grammar, Chinese characters, the pinyin phonetic system, and conversational Mandarin. Students are required to study abroad in China or at an accredited university with upper-division content in Chinese Studies.

Bachelor of Arts, Secondary Education - See Secondary Education: English Teaching Area, English First Teaching Field, English Second Teaching Field, Spanish First Teaching Field, Spanish Second Teaching Field