The Department of Language, Literature, and Cultural Studies offers both Spanish and French courses, with major and minor programs of study in Spanish and Spanish Education. The structure of the Spanish major allows students to complete a double major in Spanish and a second area of study. The Spanish Education major is designed for the individual who plans to teach in a secondary school.

Cultural Immersion

A special requirement of the two majors is travel and study in a country where Spanish is the principal language. Arrangements with language schools in Cuernavaca, Mexico, and San Jose, Costa Rica allow students to travel abroad and obtain invaluable cultural and linguistic experiences. Additionally, the Department maintains a recommended list of programs throughout Latin America and Spain, and has worked with students to set up travel and study arrangements in Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, and several other countries. Most recently, the Department took a student group to South Central Mexico in May 2006 on a cultural and historical tour of pre-Colombian, colonial, and modern sites. Future trips to Spain and other parts of Latin America are currently being planned.

Native Language Speakers

A student who is a heritage speaker of Spanish or who has studied Spanish for several years in high school may arrange for placement in intermediate or advanced-level courses. An AP score of 4 or higher will give credit for intermediate Spanish.

For more information about specific courses of study in the Department, please see the catalog.